Mobile Health's Wage Parity Clarity


Wage Parity Funds for Annual Compliance

Annual home care compliance exams paid by wage parity contributions

Keep Home Care Workers Compliant

Automatically schedule all workers for annual compliance exams

A Healthy Benefit for Home Care Workers

Access to more comprehensive health exams every year

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Wage Parity is an Opportunity For Your Home Care Agency

Provided exclusively by Mobile Health, Wage Parity Clarity is a new way to think about Wage Parity regulations in New York State.

Imagine providing an employee benefit that has high utilization and actually keeps home care workers healthy at home and compliant at work, at no additional cost to your agency.

With Mobile Health's Wage Parity benefit, workers may visit our medical offices throughout New York State for their annual personnel and wellness exams.

Home care agencies have the incredible opportunity to deflect their annual compliance exam by adding Mobile Health's Wage Parity Clarity benefit program.

Included in Your Home Care Compliance Exam

Mobile Health's standard annual exam for home care personnel comply with New York State Department of Health's Section 766.11 - Personnel regulations.

Individual components include:

  • Physical Examination
  • Tuberculosis Testing by QuantiFERON
  • 8 Panel Urine Drug Test
  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccine
Annual Exams

Automatic Scheduling of Annual Home Care Worker Compliance Exams

Mobile Health's Annual Scheduling feature is available for all home care agencies.

With this feature activated, workers are automatically scheduled for their annual compliance exams. Agencies are then provided reporting access to appointment scheduling, medical results, and no-shows reports.

Automatic Scheduling Process:

  1. Your HR software (Sandata/HHA) sends Mobile Health a list of active employees with dates of last annual exam.
  2. Mobile Health will create appointments and mail notifications to all employees due for an annual exam.
  3. You are provided a report of all scheduled appointments, their results and any employees who never completed their exam.
  4. Your HR software is now updated with new exam results and date of last exam.

Integration options are available for users of Sandata or HHA software programs.

Wellness Exams

Opportunity for Complete Wellness Exams

A 2015 patient survey at Mobile Health offices found that 37% of healthcare workers do not have a primary care doctor!

Now available with Wage Parity Clarity, home care workers can have a comprehensive annual examination in addition to a standard health review for annual compliance needs.

At no additional cost to the employer, workers can use their benefits to request a variety of wellness services such as:

  • Wellness physical exam
  • Lipid and serum glucose
  • Vision screening
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) screening (height/weight)
  • Review Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Review of past family medical history
  • Review of past personal medical history
  • Review of prescription usage

Any patient found to have an unsafe or unhealthy result of the wellness exam will be referred to a specialized medical provider who will be able to provide the necessary follow-up care

Work with our Recommended TPA's and Brokers

Ask for Wage Parity Clarity!

Wage Parity Clarity benefits can be added to any home care benefit program and work with any broker or TPA program.

If you already have a representative managing your company's benefit program, ask them to add Mobile Health to the benefit package.

For most full-time employees, the added benefit costs less than ten cents per hour!

If you do not have a current representative or need help finding a new partner, let Mobile Health know and we can pair you with industry leading providers specialized in helping home care agencies navigate Wage Parity and ACA compliance requirements

TPA's and Brokers should visit our Wage Parity Partners page to learn more about Mobile Health's program.

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